Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 


It might surprise you.

Everyone claims to be -
but who
really is?

What does it take in today's world to show you care about the image of our







1) Responsible owners understand the breed is in a "fad" population crisis. They understand the shelters are full of purebred pit bulls dying every day.

2) Responsible owners do not breed puppies for resale. They do NOT breed without a full waiting list. They do not advertise in newspapers or the internet to sell their puppies.

3) Responsible owners do not breed animals which have not been health tested and have correct temperament and conformation. No responsible breeder produces more than one litter a year. Period.

4) Responsible owners will faithfully steward the breed, leaving it in the same condition it was handed to them. They do not change the breed to fit fads such as larger size, overdone bodies or to fit show ring criteria. The do not mix American Staffordshire and American pit bull bloodlines. They understand the purpose and physical requirements of their breed's uses.

5) Responsible owners NEVER let their dog roam. Notice I did not say "allow" - I said "let". This means they are careful and do not allow "accidents" to happen. They take precautions and spend the time and money to contain their dog appropriately. They are smarter than their dog...

6) They do NOT tolerate unsound behavior in the breed. If their dog is unsound, and shows unwarranted human aggression, they euthanize the dog. They do not make excuses for their dog.

7) They manage their dogs appropriately. They do not keep their dogs in inappropriate situations which do not allow the dogs sufficient exercise, nor do they put their dogs in inappropriate situations, such as taking them to an off-lead dog park. They understand and respect their dog's heritage. They socialize and train their dogs to be good citizens.

Pit bull overpopulation is REAL.
(If you don't think it is, go check out www.petfinder.com)
Only YOU can stop it.





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