Many novices are duped by breeders of poor quality animals who put a high price on them and call them rare. Examples are "giant", "short and low", "merle colored", "blue eyed", and "bully" dogs. These animals are not standard, are not representative of the historical pit bull, and generally have more health problems than correct, standard animals.



Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 


We Were Handed
The "Real" Pit Bull...

What Will We Hand
To The Next Generation?

The American pit bull was wildly popular between 1880 - 1930's. Through out this period of popularity, the breed was able to retain its essential character.

When the American pit bull became the "fad breed" again from 1983 - ? the breed was not so lucky. Many specimens have lost the physical and mental characteristics of the "real" American pit bull. This is due to one thing: "fad breeders" cashing in on producing dogs for the "fad market".

Serious breeders will steward the breed through this unfortunate time, however, it is shocking to realize that there is a whole generation of young people living now who may never have ever even seen a true American pit bull! And yet these same people may consider themselves "pit bull breeders".

The goal of this section is to acquaint the younger generation with what a real "American pit bull" has always been, what it is, and what serious breeders are doing to keep the dogs that way.

Today's "imitation pit bull" otherwise known as "the blue whale", "short and wide", "low rider" or "American bullie". Man OR dog - If they have to try and look tough - they probably aren't...
The eternal bulldog: a medium dog of great strength, agility and stamina. Wiry, tough and tight. He knows who he is - no need for costume jewerly here.


"The dog merchants are doing more to kill the breed
than is the society with the long name."
Mike Redican



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