Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 


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Pit Bull DVD

The Extreme Pit Bull Series #1
The Springpole & Flirtpole

Boldog Training Kennel and Great Big Island Productions have teamed up to produce a DVD on the history, use and construction of the flirtpole and springpole.

This DVD takes a look at building, using and training for the flirtpole, and its natural extension, the springpole.

Diane Jessup of Boldog Training Kennel covers:

  • History - Original function of the Pit Bull and why the breed is suited to the flirtpole and springpole.
  • Construction - Easy step-by-step instructions on how to build your own flirtpole and springpole.
  • Prey Drive - How to build drive and intensity.
  • Techniques - Positive training tips to ensure your dog learns to use the flirtpole and springpole correctly and has fun doing it!
  • Common myths and misconceptions concerning the firtpole and springpole.

Watch a 2 minute sample

Currently available only for NTSC TV's ( US, Canada, Mexico, Japan). Will work on DVD players in other countries if they are compatible with NTSC.

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