Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 

Understanding CORRECT pit bull conformation and WHY it is correct


Understand the breed history and why the pit bulldog is described as a "medium" dog of athletic yet strong build.

The "pit bull" is first and foremost a "gripping dog".

Historically a "gripping dog" was first a hunter, then a butcher's dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter.

No one knows how many thousands of years our dog's ancestors gripped large game and handled rough stock for butchers. We do know they were used in organized baiting for at least two thousand years. For more on the history of this breed, CLICK HERE.

The baiting/butcher's dog needed to be strong, sound and agile. Death awaited those who were over-large, clumsy or too heavy.

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Only for the past 150 years or so have bulldogs been bred for going against each other. This is because bull baiting was too difficult to hide from authorities, but dog fights could be held anywhere.

Certainly it takes guts, strength and endurance to go against a dog which weighs within a half pound of your weight, but I believe that any logical person will agree that the mental courage, physical toughness and grit needed to scratch again and again into an animal so much larger and stronger than oneself (a bull) produces the tougher dog.


Study these pictures.

These were taken during Hurricane Katrina, when livestock and dogs were both running at large after being displaced. In a chance encounter between two American pit bulls, a large bull, and a news photographer, these images of the natural baiting behavior bred into thousands upon thousands of generations of pit bulldogs is showcased in the behavior of these inexperienced dogs. This historically useful, life saving behavior is unique to the bulldog. The poor dogs were very unnecessarily shot and killed by the police.

Notice the dogs try for the all important nose hold. Notice also that being able to take the punishment of being flung through the air and landing hard is as important as being able to hold on. A large, heavy dog would bust open like an over ripe melon. Everything you need to know about why a pit bulldog is built the way it is you can learn from these photos.


OK Folks, this is a long article, but it covers the very heart of the threat to our breed today. PLEASE READ IT before you go on... It will help you understand "type".



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